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At A Glance

The guiding principle of the DeafBlind Community Access Network of New Jersey, Inc. is “For DeafBlind, By DeafBlind.” This is the heart of our work. A federally recognized nonprofit, DB CAN NJ, in collaboration with the leadership and direction of DeafBlind individuals, offers training, networking, social events and opportunities for anyone interested in the DeafBlind community. Through our work, DeafBlind people may become empowered to lead more productive, independent and healthy lives, and the larger community may become more involved, informed, comfortable and connected to the DeafBlind world, and, thereby, better able to provide appropriate services and actions. We do not have membership fees or dues; our organization is funded only by donations and grants from our friends and community supporters.

Upcoming Events

June is DeafBlind Awareness Month!

photo of a women on the left and a senior citizen (male) on the right. 2022 Innovative Award
New Jersey Theatre Alliance

2022 Innovator Award

Cultural Network
CBVI Award October 2020

Jamie C Hilton Award
Presented by the NJ Department of Human Services Commission for the Blind & Visually Impaired in recognition of our "advocacy and commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals who are deafblind." 

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